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Skillin N Killn
Skillin N Killn
Clan Members: 70
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.51
Total Level Average: 2,033
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 1,681,299,918
Avg Clan XP: 24,018,570
RankXP Gain
No data!
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"We skill n kill stuff. Add the vex owner for an invite!"
Clan Leaders:
Clan Description:
Skillin N Killn as depicted by the name itself is a general, PVM orientated ( Kalphite King, Nex, Araxxor, GWD, ROTS and Ragoers); skilling and bossing clan dedicated to exploring, and destroying RuneScape's end-game content for those people who have achieved or exceed 120 combat level or 2000 total level.

If you feel that you will be an asset to our clan in the sense of merely being active and assisting with the weekly citadel upkeep, in which we have in place plentiful incentives; then do not hesitate to contact me in-game for an invite.

Tier 7 Citadel, with a clan dragon X D, helpful members, and happy atmosphere, Australian based, but players from all corners of the globe, our chat is never dead. COME GUEST TODAY TO SEE IF YOU WANT TO BECOME PART OF OUR FAMILY!!!!
Join the CC today, as a guest, and ask for a vex to be planted to access our QFC on rank-ups and promotions

Happy 'Scapin!
Event Log
Croccy of VB changed their RSN to moot flogga.
7 days ago
YogurtSauce changed their RSN to Strooms.
11 days ago
td12 is fat changed their RSN to Sniff n lick.
Mon 22nd June, 10:40am
Clan Achievement Log
8ap99 Prayer
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap20M Constitution XP
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Ranged
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Divination
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Mining
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Herblore
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Agility
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Thieving
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Slayer
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Farming
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Runecrafting
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Hunter
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Construction
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Summoning
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
8ap99 Dungeoneering
Mon 14th May, 11:46am
KaYaR200M Overall XP
Sun 29th October, 6:47am
Trianix650M Overall XP
Thu 19th October, 10:46pm
Trianix20M Smithing XP
Mon 9th October, 10:47pm
Trianix80M Invention XP
Thu 5th October, 12:46pm
Trianix625M Overall XP
Tue 26th September, 12:46pm
Trianix110M Mining XP
Sat 23rd September, 8:45am
Trianix70M Invention XP
Tue 19th September, 12:00pm
Trianix20M Slayer XP
Sun 17th September, 9:49am
sinfulice50M Overall XP
Mon 8th May, 7:46pm
sinfulice20M Magic XP
Sun 7th May, 9:45am
sinfulice99 Magic
Wed 3rd May, 6:45am
greenxranger99 Ranged
Wed 25th January, 5:48am
greenxranger99 Slayer
Wed 25th January, 5:48am