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Clan Members: 491
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.70
Total Level Average: 2,633
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 260,921,639,768
Avg Clan XP: 531,408,634
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend455,732,620,055
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Wed 17th October, 12:31am
Tue 11th September, 6:05pm
Tue 3rd January, 1:45am
Tue 3rd January, 1:44am
Sat 3rd September, 2:49pm
"The only top page runescape clan with attractive people"
Clan Description:
*´¨) ¸.•º`'º•.¸
(¸.•´ (¸.• Welcome to Sprapple `'º•.¸.•º`'º•.¸

Home World: 48
Clan Chat: Sprapple
Citadel: Tier 7, Dragon (Capping is not a clan requirement)
Clan Founded: 2008

Requirement to Join: 2,400+ Total Level

A clan you've seen everywhere for as long as clans have been around, we're a friendly community comprised of high leveled players with nothing to do but gain experience. There are no mandatory events in our clan or any kind of monthly exp requirements. We offer knowledge from members who have beat the game & 24 hour a day conversation along with a private warbands group, discord/skype channels and 3 avatars.

Our clan ranks are fair and simple - based off of clan exp (exp gained while in our clan):

Not an EXP rank = Overseer
1.7 Billion+ = Coordinator
850 Million+ = Organizer
400 Million+ = Admin
200 Million+ = General (Gold)
100 Million+ = Captain (Silver)
50 Million+ = Lieutenant (Bronze)
25 Million+ = Sergeant
3 Million+ = Corporal
New Members = Recruit
Event Log
Creatine2 changed their RSN to Dr Finesser.
12 hours ago
Disciplined changed their RSN to Creatine2.
20 hours ago
Stolen Smile joined the clan!
3 days ago
Potato Deity has been unlisted.
3 days ago
khushal7 joined the clan!
4 days ago
King Gavin24 changed their RSN to SkillzForXP.
8 days ago
Xenon563 joined the clan!
9 days ago
PvMforRoids has been unlisted.
9 days ago
supposedly changed their RSN to Skripts.
9 days ago
Syn Xo changed their RSN to Syn Stark.
9 days ago
CloudBubbler is no longer in the clan.
28 days ago
Kage Gaara joined the clan!
Thu 24th September, 2:40am
Jas Ox changed their RSN to Syn Xo.
Fri 18th September, 2:40pm
Goldenn Cane changed their RSN to TheRealFlint.
Wed 16th September, 6:40am
FraudFinance is no longer in the clan.
Tue 15th September, 12:40pm
FraudFinance joined the clan!
Tue 15th September, 2:40am
Javipoo is no longer in the clan.
Fri 11th September, 2:40pm
ROLL 8505 is no longer in the clan.
Sat 5th September, 8:40am
Sempra is no longer in the clan.
Fri 4th September, 4:40am
KachGuerrero changed their RSN to AscendedApe.
Thu 3rd September, 6:40pm
Born 5 Covid changed their RSN to Gaseous Boi.
Sat 29th August, 6:40am
Clan Achievement Log
Moorgannn50M Attack XP
1 hour ago
Jbd1.225B Overall XP
2 hours ago
Jbd40M Attack XP
2 hours ago
Nervous100M Farming XP
2 hours ago
Eclantro40M Archaeology XP
2 hours ago
The Sesto2.675B Overall XP
2 hours ago
P32re550M Overall XP
11 hours ago
Dillydallies60M Woodcutting XP
11 hours ago
Rabid Night0170M Thieving XP
11 hours ago
J0hn Boy60M Archaeology XP
11 hours ago
down 2 dung1.15B Overall XP
11 hours ago
Ja73480M Farming XP
11 hours ago
Grave stone2.4B Overall XP
11 hours ago
Always Dream120M Archaeology XP
12 hours ago
Mushbag80M Magic XP
12 hours ago
Fallentrade180M Farming XP
12 hours ago
Ice Cold RB130M Magic XP
13 hours ago
Appie alt40M Constitution XP
15 hours ago
N vincible925M Overall XP
16 hours ago
Doom Hawk2.625B Overall XP
20 hours ago
Doom Hawk70M Archaeology XP
20 hours ago
Mushbag50M Constitution XP
20 hours ago
L3V3NDI150M Archaeology XP
24 hours ago
Mojos Alt400M Overall XP
1 day ago
savilesfirst99 Attack
1 day ago
Maximus XLVI2.15B Overall XP
1 day ago
J os e p h140M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Weirkmensch170M Farming XP
1 day ago
King Kristic20M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Magisticus180M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Ample Bosoms3.85B Overall XP
1 day ago
Grave stone160M Farming XP
1 day ago
Grave stone110M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
The Sesto150M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
Unheard Pray99 Archaeology
1 day ago
Kage Gaara20M Archaeology XP
1 day ago
1he Old Nite2.925B Overall XP
2 days ago
Mc Dutch130M Archaeology XP
2 days ago
HomelessMike70M Archaeology XP
2 days ago
Adair120M Farming XP
2 days ago