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Supreme Skillers
Supreme Skillers
Clan Members: 40
Kill/Death Ratio: 1.09
Total Level Average: 2,063
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 9,059,220,692
Avg Clan XP: 226,480,517
RankXP Gain
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Clan Description:
Supreme Skillers is a clan founded by LovveL and Calorius back in July 2006, though is now lead by Simon and Milhouse.

We represent a very active forum and a vast knowledge of RuneScape's Skills, Activities and Monster Hunting areas. We have our own forums on an external site; feel free to join and get a feel for our community. We hold all kinds of events, ranging from social skilling events to trips to fight the most dangerous monsters in the game.


- 2080 total

Elite Member
- 2496 total OR 2600 virtual total OR 1000m total Exp

Maxed Member
- 2595 total
-Pet Squirrel must follow you at all clan events
Event Log
Nothing here!
Clan Achievement Log
Idimmu90M Invention XP
Wed 4th December, 5:09pm
Idimmu40M Strength XP
Wed 4th December, 5:09pm
Idimmu40M Defence XP
Wed 4th December, 5:09pm
Idimmu30M Farming XP
Tue 3rd December, 2:03pm
Idimmu30M Dungeoneering XP
Mon 2nd December, 1:07pm
Idimmu950M Overall XP
Wed 27th November, 5:14pm
Idimmu70M Magic XP
Mon 25th November, 5:14pm
Idimmu30M Herblore XP
Fri 22nd November, 6:20pm
Idimmu925M Overall XP
Fri 22nd November, 6:20pm
Idimmu20M Dungeoneering XP
Thu 21st November, 12:14am
n820M Invention XP
Fri 7th June, 2:47am
n860M Slayer XP
Fri 7th June, 2:47am
n840M Ranged XP
Wed 5th June, 2:47am
n840M Constitution XP
Thu 23rd May, 8:47pm
n8975M Overall XP
Fri 17th May, 6:46am
n850M Strength XP
Wed 15th May, 6:46am
Natasha20M Ranged XP
Fri 10th May, 2:46pm
Natasha99 Divination
Wed 8th May, 12:46pm
Natasha99 Hunter
Mon 6th May, 2:47pm
Natasha99 Agility
Mon 6th May, 4:47am
Cell Out20M Magic XP
Sun 10th March, 10:47am
Ability4499 Invention
Wed 10th October, 10:58pm
Ability4430M Invention XP
Tue 9th October, 4:56am
Ability4430M Defence XP
Sun 7th October, 10:59pm
Ability44525M Overall XP
Sun 7th October, 4:55am
Ability4420M Invention XP
Sun 30th September, 9:00pm
Munki99 Prayer
Sat 1st September, 12:45am
Mithril1.15B Overall XP
Wed 5th April, 9:45pm
lan40M Mining XP
Sun 20th November, 5:32am
lan20M Divination XP
Sun 20th November, 5:32am
lan2.7B Overall XP
Fri 4th November, 2:04pm
Hyp370M Fishing XP
Thu 13th October, 2:45pm
Hyp3200M Dungeoneering XP
Sun 9th October, 11:17am
Hyp3200M Thieving XP
Sun 9th October, 11:17am
lan200M Invention XP
Wed 28th September, 4:45pm
lan140M Fishing XP
Fri 23rd September, 11:45am
lan2.675B Overall XP
Thu 22nd September, 12:45pm