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The Purest Killers
The purest killers
Clan Members: 193
Kill/Death Ratio: 2.89
Total Level Average: 1,256
Citadel Level: 1
Clan XP: 15,686,722,113
Avg Clan XP: 81,278,352
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend1,661304,118,688
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"Whats the motto with you, join TPK FAM!"
Clan Description:
Guest join if you are interested in joining :)
Event Log
57walkday178 joined the clan!
11 days ago
[#EGHAVMT9M] has been unlisted.
11 days ago
TheAlchie123 joined the clan!
13 days ago
Roxenne has been unlisted.
13 days ago
Ugly Hitman joined the clan!
15 days ago
very hurt changed their RSN to bamf loser.
23 days ago
Usen changed their RSN to Samurai4546.
Wed 10th June, 12:40am
Tokyo Ghost joined the clan!
Sun 31st May, 2:40pm
Leaf Fire has been unlisted.
Sun 31st May, 2:40pm
huge hore is no longer in the clan.
Mon 25th May, 12:40pm
ADHD Victim is no longer in the clan.
Sun 24th May, 10:40am
Neptunes950 changed their RSN to Zerk Ahaha.
Mon 18th May, 8:40am
Clan Achievement Log
xanthareborn1.475B Overall XP
3 days ago
bamf loser1.65B Overall XP
8 days ago
Zheng433450M Overall XP
22 days ago
Wield600M Overall XP
24 days ago
xanthareborn120M Archaeology XP
26 days ago
xanthareborn100M Invention XP
28 days ago
xanthareborn1.45B Overall XP
28 days ago
xanthareborn110M Archaeology XP
29 days ago
Hitman Hubby475M Overall XP
29 days ago
xanthareborn100M Archaeology XP
Sun 14th June, 2:52pm
Wield50M Magic XP
Sun 14th June, 2:45pm
xanthareborn90M Invention XP
Sat 13th June, 12:53pm
xanthareborn1.425B Overall XP
Sat 13th June, 12:53pm
Wield99 Slayer
Sat 13th June, 12:45pm
xanthareborn90M Archaeology XP
Fri 12th June, 10:54am
Hitman Hubby60M Fletching XP
Thu 11th June, 9:18am
baazs40M Invention XP
Wed 10th June, 5:07pm
xanthareborn80M Archaeology XP
Wed 10th June, 4:52pm
Wield110M Archaeology XP
Tue 9th June, 2:45pm
Wield575M Overall XP
Mon 8th June, 12:45pm
Wield100M Archaeology XP
Sun 7th June, 8:45am
Wield60M Invention XP
Sun 7th June, 8:45am
Onlua50M Constitution XP
Fri 5th June, 5:02pm
My cat Yuumi30M Divination XP
Mon 1st June, 1:32am
Onlua99 Slayer
Sun 31st May, 3:05pm
2 L8 UR DEAD350M Overall XP
Sun 31st May, 3:01pm
Bryan Ferry70M Constitution XP
Sat 30th May, 10:59pm
Hitman Hubby50M Fletching XP
Thu 28th May, 7:13pm
baazs99 Archaeology
Thu 28th May, 7:04pm
My cat Yuumi20M Archaeology XP
Wed 27th May, 5:34pm
2 L8 UR DEAD100M Magic XP
Mon 18th May, 8:58pm
djprofess0rk99 Attack
Mon 18th May, 8:59am
Level 2 Clue99 Farming
Sun 17th May, 6:55pm
Level 2 Clue99 Magic
Sun 17th May, 12:49am
Level 2 Clue20M Constitution XP
Sun 17th May, 12:49am
Level 2 Clue200M Overall XP
Sun 17th May, 12:49am
Stoic n Vain275M Overall XP
Thu 14th May, 7:05am
Stoic n Vain40M Invention XP
Wed 13th May, 2:57pm
My cat Yuumi30M Runecrafting XP
Tue 12th May, 3:43am
My cat Yuumi2.775B Overall XP
Sun 10th May, 11:49am