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Clan Members: 198
Kill/Death Ratio: 0.00
Total Level Average: 78
Citadel Level: 7
Clan XP: 45,165,768,763
Avg Clan XP: 228,109,943
RankXP Gain
DXP Weekend5321,532,313,380
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"we are the cool kids!!!"
Clan Description:
Welcome to Warped!!!!!!

We are Skilling and Dungeoneering clan, who like to have some fun and encourage community spirit, encouraging lower level players as they gain level

.:Membership Requirements:.
~ Be a mature player

.:Clan Chat Rules:.
~ JAGEX Rules apply
~ NO Hosting trust games in or out of clan chat.
~ NO Spamming/Flaming.
~ NO Offensive Language

Breaking clan chat rules may result in a lowering of rank or removal from clan/chat.

Event Log
Midzuchii joined the clan!
17 days ago
l0st sanity has been unlisted.
17 days ago
Miss Anjie joined the clan!
18 days ago
bobert walk has been unlisted.
18 days ago
Salty Snaps changed their RSN to Sandy Snacks.
19 days ago
OSRSM Sucks changed their RSN to Hi Im Booty.
22 days ago
LSkyDiamond joined the clan!
1 month ago
Buck Twenty changed their RSN to Salty Snaps.
Sun 13th December, 11:40am
MrsMigg joined the clan!
Sat 12th December, 7:40am
U5C joined the clan!
Tue 8th December, 7:40am
King Anscoul is no longer in the clan.
Sat 5th December, 3:40am
bobert walk joined the clan!
Sat 5th December, 3:30am
Salty Snaps changed their RSN to Buck Twenty.
Fri 27th November, 11:40pm
Clan Achievement Log
Babybunny1362.125B Overall XP
30 minutes ago
Lehunani1.15B Overall XP
11 hours ago
Karly Liz120M Thieving XP
11 hours ago
NadzOswin99 Invention
21 hours ago
NadzOswin40M Constitution XP
21 hours ago
Sandy Snacks1.575B Overall XP
2 days ago
NadzOswin99 Archaeology
3 days ago
Adhdchild70M Herblore XP
4 days ago
Sn8k Pliskn1.75B Overall XP
4 days ago
Miss Melanie175M Overall XP
4 days ago
Babybunny136120M Archaeology XP
4 days ago
Babybunny13640M Prayer XP
5 days ago
Jsd3306775M Overall XP
5 days ago
Eder of Bear1.175B Overall XP
6 days ago
Eder of Bear90M Farming XP
6 days ago
Sn8k Pliskn99 Archaeology
6 days ago
WarpedBr0do99 Strength
6 days ago
Jsd330620M Divination XP
6 days ago
Lehunani70M Archaeology XP
6 days ago
Legolas929220M Thieving XP
8 days ago
Babybunny136100M Archaeology XP
9 days ago
Babybunny1362.1B Overall XP
9 days ago
Babybunny13630M Agility XP
10 days ago
Gatiita99 Agility
10 days ago
Sandy Snacks30M Farming XP
11 days ago
Legolas9292475M Overall XP
11 days ago
Karly Liz2.2B Overall XP
12 days ago
Gatiita20M Farming XP
12 days ago
Sn8k Pliskn170M Thieving XP
13 days ago
Pretty Cansi20M Fishing XP
13 days ago
Karly Liz110M Thieving XP
14 days ago
Eder of Bear80M Farming XP
14 days ago
Babybunny136100M Construction XP
15 days ago
Bluedolphinn150M Overall XP
15 days ago
Gatiita99 Dungeoneering
16 days ago
Lonewolf Nv50M Strength XP
16 days ago
Lonewolf Nv50M Attack XP
16 days ago
Babybunny1362.075B Overall XP
17 days ago
So Peachy90M Construction XP
17 days ago
pollitacoqta125M Overall XP
18 days ago