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Name SortSortMembers SortSortPrice SortSortPrice Change SortSort
Adamant daggerFree12,081397
Adamant daggerFree2,68637
Adamant dagger + 1Free13,900554
Adamant dagger + 2Free30,3001,317
Adamant dartMembers500
Adamant dart tipMembers2227
Adamant dragon bonesMembers10,8610
Adamant dragon maskMembers778,1010
Adamant fire arrowsMembers29210
Adamant fire arrowsMembers38213
Adamant full helmFree4,88011
Adamant full helmFree5,672-79
Adamant full helm (g)Free9,8250
Adamant full helm (t)Free2,4410
Adamant full helm + 1Free12,3000
Adamant full helm + 2Free15,200-419
Adamant gauntletsFree2,452-18
Adamant gauntletsFree2,7390
Adamant gauntlets + 1Free6,856-30
Adamant gauntlets + 2Free5,437-47
Adamant halberdMembers14,9000
Adamant hastaMembers7,356324
Adamant hatchetFree9,50536
Adamant helmFree2,69128
Adamant helm (h1)Free625,50025,700
Adamant helm (h2)Free579,9000
Adamant helm (h3)Free580,3000
Adamant helm (h4)Free592,7530
Adamant helm (h5)Free583,3000
Adamant javelinFree661
Adamant kiteshieldFree7,31461
Adamant kiteshieldFree19,10078
Adamant kiteshield (g)Free8,4940
Adamant kiteshield (t)Free7,5180
Adamant kiteshield + 1Free15,600590
Adamant kiteshield + 2Free30,7000
Adamant knifeMembers3624
Adamant longswordFree14,503379
Adamant longswordFree4,917-95
Adamant longsword + 1Free8,428361
Adamant longsword + 2Free33,900836
Adamant maceFree12,400447
Adamant maceFree2,758105
Adamant mace + 1Free13,9000
Adamant mace + 2Free34,3000
Adamant mattockFree6,7420
Adamant med helmFree8,726-223
Adamant med helm + 1Free13,3000
Adamant med helm + 2Free10,6000
Adamant minotaur pouchMembers2,737-24